Kitesurfing Safari

Ever wanted more than one kite spot for your kitesurfing trip? Look no further… Masters Surf School offers kiteboard spots free of traffic for your own personal kiteboarding playground. Welcome to Masters Surf School program designed specifically for a kitesurfing safari. We take you on a Red Sea kiteboarding safari to new pristine kite locations every day, only accessible by boat.

The Safari Boat is luxury yacht, and it suit Up to 28 Surfer at 10 double rooms and 4 suites and it have all the services you experience at hotels .

We will take you on a journey to Red Sea beautiful sheltered islands where you can kite & SUP in warm and sea. Ever wanted to kite on perfect glass flat smooth water, paradisiacal beaches everything from side shore to onshore conditions, from flat water to small waves and to kite or SUP endlessly downwind. Well that’s what our Masters Surf School Safaris are all about. The Safari tour covers All-Inclusive Accommodation on Boat during the Tour, Professional instructors to help the Professional Kite surfer as well as providing Kite surfer courses on board. Below the most popular Kitesurfing courses we offer, please contact us for the list of available courses and price. More Info and Booking

6 days: Standard Kitesurfing Safari tour

This is an All-Inclusive tour for 6 days live aboard to discover many kite spots and enjoy a new pristine kite location every day.


Custom Made Tours

We think we offer some of the best Kite Safari downwind tours in Red Sea, but there is no need for you to follow our routes. Custom Kite Safari tours allow you the freedom and flexibility where you can design a tour that would perfect suit for you or your friends. Discover the most beautiful kite spots in Red Sea with us. Every group has its wishes, we are here to fulfill them .