Kitesurfing play with the Wind

Kitesurfing is a sport which can be learned relatively easy by every active and willing person. In general, no one is too young or old for this sport. The kites have become much safer in the last few years. Kitesurfing has changed from an extreme sport to a sport for the masses. However, for your first experience, you should join our school. Have a look at our numerous destinations where we offer beginner packages to get you up and riding in a safe and fun way.

To learn the basics of kitesurfing you need, on average, three to five days and then a few more days to strengthen and practice what you have learned, that will have you flying across the water on your board.

You’ll know that the first thing you need is kitesurfing lessons with a Masters Surf School certified instructor. Below the most popular Kitesurfing courses we offer, please contact us for the list of available courses and price. More Info and Booking

Basic Courses ( 6 hours or 10 hours )

This course is aimed at complete beginners and a great introduction to the sport. Initially learning the fundamentals and kite control whilst covering safety, site assessments, and kite set ups, then moving into the water for body dragging and self rescue techniques. Then cover more complex bodydragging techniques, board starts and continuous riding while keeping the power in the kite.


Refresh Course ( 4 Hours )

Did you do your kiteboarding course a year ago or more? You need a few kitesurfing skills refreshed maybe? Our certified kitesurfing instructors will first check your skills and what you remember from your course and then you will work together on the skills you need or want to improve.

Advanced and Intro Course ( 3 Hours )

You can kiteboard, maybe even go upwind, but you want to kitesurf with style and try your first jumps. Our certified kitesurfing instructors will first check your skills and teach you the different jumping techniques.

Private Lesson ( 1 Hour )

This Course is designed to try and test the Kitesurfing fundamentals techniques then go to master the Kitesurfing with the help of our certified kitesurfing instructors.